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EMEA 2012 Best Commercial Install Award

Consexto’s new lab is located at Avenida da Boavista, the most important avenue in the Portuguese city of Oporto.

Taking into account the growth, evolution and the impact of science, the idea of ​​Consexto was to design and execute an office and showroom with customized products and avant gard technological solutions. For this, we gave a strong identity to existing glass frontage by creating a double "skin", consisting of a series of overlapping and illuminated traces that transmite a movement feeling. The optical illusion is created that mirrors the interior layout: a kind of branching and connecting the floors symbolizing the different services of the company.

Inside several solutions for the residential and empresarial. A flexibility of space is given by the different area: Garden, Living, Home Cinema Premium and Office, all of them with products and unique and differentiated solutions for leisure, relax and also work.

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Archdaily Building of the Year Award 2010

The Closet House was born from the need to transform a 44m2 space into a thoroughly useful and livable home.

Consisting of five zones, two of them are completely flexible by means of a moving wall/cabinet, finished in natural wood, that grants the living area and adjacent room different dimensions and uses. Likewise, all related automation technology enables the spaces' articulation according to the various daily routines and activities. Serving as a wardrobe on the bedroom side, the cabinet/wall features a drop down extendable dining table at the other, together with a fully integrated home theater system and a mini bar. There's a passage for when the living area is at its greater range, allowing access to a higher niche where the bed is located. The bed elevation enabled the use of the entire perimeter area for storage and the installation of an automated built-in LCD screen.

Combining the space's profitability with technology was the dominant concern throughout the whole project; the kitchen and bathroom are equipped with cabinets merged into and gliding automatically from the walls, along with anti fog mirrors (ideal for small moisty spaces with no natural ventilation). All electronics, as well as natural and artificial lightning are fully controlled by a home automation system since ensuring energetic efficiency was another leading concern for this project. The Closet House came to prove that you can inhabit small spaces with the same comfort, sophistication and savviness of the bigger ones.

The Closet House came to prove that you can inhabit small spaces with the same comfort, sophistication and savviness of the bigger ones.

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Portugal's 1st Certified JBL Cinema Showroom

Genesis Xperience Center is a new showroom space in Lisbon, located at Parque das Nações, developed in a tight partnership with Genesis Technologies, the leading European distributor of premium technology for residential system integrators and Harman Group's official representative.

Needless to say, the new showroom was thought and designed from the ground up to guarantee perfect viewing conditions. Alongside the room's sleek design and other distinctive features, the recently opened Xperience Center boasts a JBL Synthesis cinema installation with full calibration and certified Screen Research, ISF and THX technical specs, aimed at a premium cinema experience.

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