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Time is precious, yet apparently waits for no one. It may be so, but how we choose to live the one we’re given…that can be controlled. And that’s where we come in.

Consexto is a global studio, driven by a deep passion: to articulate a unique story and a singular vision. By developing residential concierge projects such as Private Home Theaters, Dream Garages or Special Rooms, we create elements synchronized with an authentic lifestyle.

From Interior Design and Architecture to Creative Direction and Laboratory Automation, Consexto transforms the biggest ideas into genuine groundbreaking experiences.

Give life to a unique space, tailored to your dreams and customized to your lifestyle..

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Experiences are essential. We are conceptually different, and it shows. Our unique, refined spaces and pieces could only be envisioned by our team’s architects and designers. All their effort goes into assuring that no one can remain indifferent when coming face-to-face with a Consexto creation


With exclusive THX and ISF Certifications, state-of-the-art technological components play a key role as an indispensable feature of our work. But we can proudly state that only this team of professionals could bring the pinnacle of both sound and image, in an integrated combination of the highest capability.

With Consexto you'll be getting the expertise of a truly dream team. Top professionals of the highest regard in their fields: engineers, designers, technicians...all at your service, so you know you are being provided the top-tier know-how and experience your project deserves. The outcome is a final product of excellence, manufactured entirely, in-house, by us


The know-how and the expertise are the crucial tools of our experienced team of experts. Our job is to make your personalized spaces come to life, in any shape of form, and our skilled professionals and facilities are more than ready to do so.


Our fully equipped and qualified crew takes matters into their own hands, as we are prepared to install all components, applying our knowledge into making your dream spaces a reality, and deliver them to you as a turnkey product.


2019 Steinway Lyndorf

Star Performance award

2019 ICE Cinema

Star Performance award

2019 Barco

Star Performance award

2019 Barco

Star Performance award

2019 Control 4

Dealer of the year award EMEA

2018 Cinema Deco

Best Cinema Room install award EMEA

2017 Monte Estoril

Most innovated project award EMEA

2014 Oficial portuguese representation

Beijing design week 2014

2013 Consexto Lab

Best commercial install award EMEA

2013 Representation

Lisbon architecture triennale

2010 Closet House

Archdaily 2010 Building of the Year Award

consexto lab