The secret agent, on her Majesty’s secret service, a symbol of sophistication and elegancy,
has a new address in Portugal.
Skyfall Home theatre, just like Bond, uses several frontier and vanguard technologies but,
simultaneously, it has a speech of tradition and “back to roots”, as presented in the movie.



A powerful room built with the main platform with 3 front cinema seats, cozy and fully customized, providing a "family preset". In the case of having more guests, this seats slide automatically to the front, revealing an extra row of 4 seats for a better achievement of the theatre area.
This total approach maximizes the area according to the occupancy ratio, with the singularity of having a screen that adjusts the picture automatically for the best experience delivered to the best seats, creating in both scenarios a perfect viewing and proportion of the image.

To be able to experience the Dolby ATMOS to the  fullest, the speakers also adjust to the right position using an automatic sliding panel adapting  all the calibration and technical algorithms to the scene .
All of this technology is equipped with a personal assistant the "Moneypenny",  that can be activated calling her, integrating every technology in one simple platform, by voice, Aston Martin commands , or even remote, what concedes this theatre a complete and top performance.

Watch below the room transformation.


In this theatre, we are able to identify several connections to Scotland and to the relation of the character to his homeland, where Daniel Craig and Judi Dench slip to North in a classic Aston Martin DB5.
The Highlands natural shades into a pallet of dark, grey and brown that build the room environment.Concerning the Bond theme, we've conceded a leading role to the mirror and the metallic details, in terms of design.

The side panels have a sort of embossed tactile details, in a more organic way that remind the mythic 007 weapon, with the shape of a gunbarrel and the lighting creating an effect of a shot.
On a context of nature, the ceiling is composed by 2 wings, reminding the mythic car brand that floats on the center of the room.


The lightness, freedom and magic, as well as the power, beauty and soul, inherent also of the feelings that come to life from a true cinema...

The main work of art, placed on the front of the cinema, pictures a dubious side, elusive, with a great psychologic density, implied and natively felt on the last Bond movies... the human side.

Powerful, immersive and an inception, just as a Skyfall theatre should be.

Contemplate and enjoy these unique photographic records of our projects, all belonging to Consexto’s former clients.

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On a subtle way, all these details provide elegancy, richness and diversity to this Private Home Theatre, something that was only possible due to our trustable and top performance partners.Inspired by one of the sexiest and elegant men on the world, SKYFALL home theatre is simply the perfect storm of styles, representative of this character's authenticity.

Skyfall-Project Image
Skyfall-Project ImageSkyfall-Project Image

subtil Steinway approach...

Skyfall-Project Image
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